30 Unbelievable Bedrooms Design Ideas

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Although concrete may not be the first thought that comes to mind for a traditionally warm room and comfortable environment, this material is much more aesthetic flexibility than many would imagine. The rooms are rarely heavy on the concrete, but it pulls in fantastically. wood sided serves organic counterweight and helps pull the outdoors. The wood and concrete to a fabulous pairing again in this beautiful room industrial-inspired decor. An oversized pendant and plush leather headboard introduce a touch of luxury to the composition.

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Concrete changes character depending on its hardware supplements. The smooth texture and lightness of these wooden elements contribute to a purely contemporary look that deviates from the roughness of previous industrial themes. Of course, there are great ways to spruce up the concrete as well! A small spot and an artistic eye can transform this rigid material in a flexible cloth of expression.

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illuminated signs and tilted form the headboard of the wall to that chamber. The entire surrounding structure is smoothed on lightweight concrete to avoid overwhelming the installation of the single panel. The 30 rooms highlighted in this post are a great example! Ranging from minimalism to the industry, Eclectic ultra-modern, each of these rooms express a completely different personality through the concrete. Have you thought about adding an accent wall chamber or renovation for a more modern look? Check out these pictures for unique finishes and configurations to get the look.