30 Tranquil U-Shaped Kitchens Design Ideas


A U-shaped kitchen is a coveted layout for a HouseHunter because they offer plenty of space for cabinets. The U-shaped arrangement instead of the units around the stove on three sides with the top of the “u” left open for a door or an open living room. a U-shaped kitchen can be combined with dining areas or even a kitchen island if the width of the room allows. coordinate colors of the upper units with the wall color. The cupboards in the kitchen blue were used as reference for the paint color of the room. Color coordination painting with units in this way helps the space seem more open.

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In general, there are six types of kitchen layouts: The Wall A, Galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, island and peninsula. There is no strict control positions in which the stove, refrigerator and sink, a kitchen and can be combinations of one or more of the typical patterns. For example, you might have an L-shaped kitchen with an island or peninsula, or a galley kitchen which is linked at one end. In designing a functional kitchen, the kitchen work triangle should be considered, which means that the distance between the sink, stove and refrigerator should not be more than 1200mm apart. Although the concept of the kitchen work triangle is trying to further evolve to take into account several cooks, as well as new gadgets and appliances. In comparison when the concept was born in the 1940s, where the kitchens were a house utility typically occurs at the hostess, our kitchens and equality have come a long way. Microwave, hob separate ovens, prep stations with an additional mini sink and teamwork while interrupt the traditional triangle. As modern kitchens have an increase in dedicated work areas, secondary triangles become commonplace.

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was taken another tack in the blue kitchen with wall cabinets placed around the full U-shape, however, one side of the arrangement is open to the dining room, and the windows running around the rest of the counter level bringing much light to the regime. Clean the backsplash after cooking dinner in the kitchen becomes an exercise in window washing! An open room often has the opportunity to make an arm of the “u” in a peninsula that is accessible from both sides, as to be used as a bar or a storage volume double sided. All this and much more in this gallery inspiration.