30 Tranquil Minimalist Bedrooms Design Ideas


Minimalism has long been a popular look for the social areas of the house, but the growing popularity of low profile beds and color palettes indicates minimalist gray scale room catching up fast. And for good reason! This philosophy streamlines rooms to their fundamental purpose as a place to clear the mind away from responsibilities and struggles of everyday life. Sometimes, minimalism can actually highlight an artistic element, a magnificent whale triptych in this case. It opens the way to an emphasis on pale mauve details while lending a touch of blue to make plants pop pot.

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With windows like these, it makes sense to opt for a low bed to preserve the line of sight. This room has a lot of things between the works of art, windows and cabinets so the low platform bed minimizes a source of visual clutter so that the landscape can shine. What could be more basic (no pun intended) than concrete? Fortunately, the industrial decor gives up its monopoly of this versatile material quickly to include chic minimalist interiors too. This room combines urban and natural influences with ease.

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What an amazing platform! The headboard double implicit canopy for the bed, a relaxing sight of any point of view. curtains and windows frosted closet mask the visual distraction without obscuring end. While scattered posters or trinkets walls have a comforting charm, removing clutter allows the piece to reflect the atmosphere of the first night or dawn. This position offers 40 examples for inspiration.

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