30 Terrific Tiny Home Kitchen Design Ideas


Our friends at Apartment Therapy ran this adorable house tour, which they called “the little house more habitable,” they have ever seen. They are not exaggerating.We’ve talked about this before in relation to a microwave, but it really does not make sense to put things at lower levels. It is safer to reach for hot foods down over top of your head. And the toaster oven is so incredibly elegant that it should be displayed on a counter. Put on a shelf below the counter to free up space and create a better workflow.

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The shelf presented above can not be more than a few inches long, but it gets two bottles out of a cabinet and countertop. And every little bit helps. This configuration even manages to transform bottles decoration – no clutter. Point? If you have space for a shelf – even a little! – dark! It might be more useful than you even imagine. The owners of this space used on the side of the refrigerator and a cupboard for decorative storage and utility. By hanging a dried wreath next to a cute broom, the cleaning tool does not seem too locally. And some hooks are a great home for bags and coats. Do not overlook these surfaces when you need a place to hang utensils, pots, towels, or anything else.

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The entire area is only 160 square feet, and yet it seems actually something we might all be able to live (not together, of course). He feels if possible, because the place is very carefully arranged and organized – especially the kitchen.

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