30 Sublime Minimalist Kitchens Design Ideas


For many families, the kitchen is a focal point of the house. Not only parents spend hours each week cooking, children Sidle up to the kitchen bar for a snack after school or even to do homework. The importance of food in daily activities means it can feel uncomfortable to simplify the space so that it meets the minimalist aesthetic. The white color will be a theme throughout this post, starting with the first kitchen. White is an easy way to transmit minimalism as it immediately feels clean and simple.

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In an open floor plan like this, a white minimalist kitchen design overflows into the rest of the public space, which also uses white on white as a unifying style. minimalist black and white kitchens are another common sight, with the contrast in shades adding a contemporary touch. Of course, where minimalism is concerned, the combination of white and wood can not be far behind. Here, a white kitchen table fixed on a wooden dining deep red to great effect. A minimalist kitchen should not be deprived of full color. In this simple design, color bit in the way of natural wood, yellow and red manage to shine through.

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The furniture that is used in a kitchen also plays a vital role in his general style. Here minimalist black kitchen stools correspond with simple pendant lighting for a modern look, unified. After all, where is the heat that lasts a counter or island monochrome kitchen? Yet kitchens presented in this position manage to integrate not only necessary appliances and seating is required of a kitchen, they also ensure that each space is imbued with its own sense of style. Take a look and find inspiration for your next simplification project.