30 Stylish Dining Rooms with Tray Ceilings

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Tray ceilings are trying to fill our unique retail needs in our homes otherwise generic. A tray of the ceiling, which is an inverted or recessed ceiling creates the illusion of height. Depending on the type of wood and colors you choose, you can make the traditional dining, contemporary or even rustic. Planks of wood or reclaimed wood are excellent options for this rustic effect.

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A tray ceiling can change the appearance of a flat, regular roof and turn it into something super elegant and flamboyant. Due to its unique architecture, its design is the central part to be higher than the rest of the ceiling, which is why this tray design is also called an inverted ceiling or recessed. There are many uses for the ceilings you use trays in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

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Well suited to rooms with high ceilings course, these tray ceiling ideas and designs draw the eye upward, the scene for the Focal tools and pieces of conversation. The beauty of the tray ceiling in its ability to adapt to aesthetic preferences; subtle or flower, it is a ceiling that compliments the interior taste of the occupant. From the dining room to the living room, there are some areas that can not exceed expectations with the incorporation of a tray ceiling.