30 Startling Bathtub Design Ideas


One bathroom is an oasis of serenity where you start or end your day and decorating with style features, such as a freestanding tub is a must. When designing your bathroom, most of us are limited by space. This can make it difficult to make your vision come to life. In general, with some clever design tricks, any bathroom size may look fantastic. The key is to infuse some features like spa in your bathroom into a relaxing space. To help you make design decisions for your bathroom, we have created a collection of bathrooms featuring freestanding bathtubs. They are in various sizes and styles to suit your taste.

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Generally, most bathtubs are oval, but there are other forms as well, as you’ll see below. They can be placed on pedestals or fixed on custom brackets. They can also come in colors other than white and in various materials such as acrylic, porcelain, copper and stone. There are also different sizes to suit your space and design needs.

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You can place your freestanding bathtub right next to a picture window you have a view you want to capture. If you have limited space, consider placing your tub in a glass enclosed shower. If you have a more spacious bathroom, design a niche with built-ins for storage … do not forget the lighting! Look below for a fantastic source of inspiration.