30 Popular Early Dining Areas For Every Home


Today, many of us are faced with a lack of space in our homes and dining becomes an atavism because of this and because we are used to eating in front of television or computer.

Your dining room should serve as a hub for family meals, but when the decor or space built will take you to resettle you in the kitchen or a TV instead, you end up under-utilization of most central rooms of your home. Write dining room makeover it deserves with these ideas fresh and modern design. Whether you’re looking for quick fixes or cheap source of inspiration for a total do-over, these beautiful spaces motivate you to make big changes – and sit with children or friends for memorable dinners.

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To recover your dining room from papers and invoices, “you must understand the jams that create disorder and manage mobile solutions,” says professional organizer Lorie Marrero. For example, if you pay your bills on the table, get a trolley; if the surface doubles as a desk, get a caddy for your office supplies. This way, come dinner time, you can move your clutter out of sight. For a cheap remodeling, a new coat of paint on the walls (or floor!) Can do wonders, or spend tablecloths, rugs and other accent pieces for updates five minutes. Tip: Before you buy a large piece of furniture, measure and describe its size in the painter’s tape to make sure it will not disrupt the flow of space. Ready to start? Check out these beautiful dining rooms for all the inspiration you need.

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Of course, we all need at least a small space to eat for dinner or breakfast together, so today I will inspire some areas tiny room, some of them take a corner in the kitchen, some of them are part of a living, others take a seat at the window. Your kitchen island can act as a dining room, there is a very practical solution; you can use your window space, add a few seats and make a long, wide windowsill to use as a table. Be inspired by more functional ideas for organizing your dining space tiny!