30 Perfect Marble Kitchens Design Ideas


Many kitchens offer white, chrome and wood elements. What many do not boast marble is key. Indicative of the uber-luxurious and sophisticated, marble is a textile most kitchens only dream. Whether in black white mottled or striped marble each panel is different and customized without even appearing mottled effect. Done bolder pink gold and varnished wood, swathes of gray and white marble is positioned in this contemporary space. kitchen bar stools black stencil and add Bonzai tree development. Embrace your artistic side with the block-shaped marble. gray-threaded marble reflected in a credenza, while an exhaust fan and lighting paper mache join the party.

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Go monochrome white marble, broken by black. This all-white kitchen has two walls of the texture. A light three-pronged and quilted black sofa catch the eye. Evoke the boudoir atmosphere in a dining area. This slightly veined marble wall and bench are backgrounded by plains of white cabinets. Black chairs in white sitting stencil jellyfish illuminated by a chandelier. There is nothing like marble to introduce the classic cuisine. French paneling in black and white joined in gray and white marble, creating a modern twist on the space of childhood your mother. drop black stencil is modern lighting. If the same black and white theme is what you prefer, do check out our feature on black and white kitchens that will surely give you a great source of inspiration.

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A dark, film noir kitchen can also house the marble. A block of marble bench is before textured gray walls and cabinets charcoal, lit by hanging lights oval. green velvet chairs mark first. Not just for backsplashes and benches look like marble, parquet decorates chairs, and even a touch of ornament. These thirty-six kitchens show a myriad of ways the marble can add class and sophistication to the kitchen, creating a truly luxurious kitchen and a tasting area.