30 Mind-Blowing Scandinavian Kitchens Design Ideas


A step in the kitchens of these fifty houses shows the Scandinavian countries can be much more than just white walls, wooden floors and tiled doubled. Bring black Scandinavia with French cabinets in a darker shade. A refrigerator and oven are chrome classic white and contemporary wooden.

Making finely trimmed tiles function in an urban jungle atmosphere. This kitchen is mixed with a black and SMEG cabinets, hanging plants and mismatching chairs schoolboy. Stencils create character in chair legs and lighting differently shaped drop. wide window forms white wood and form, while the traditional Scandinavian elements ajar white brick. Le Scandinave is simple enough to be minimum. parquet floors and white tiled entry meeting a striped rug, wide wardrobes and a lamp star style tile death.

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Raw elements have a rustic atmosphere. white benches, seats and floor welcome textured walls, a pillar and crude wooden table. One-Dome Light is the pendant used to eat here and Caravaggio, the kitchen pendant. ornaments wooden housing, this area exudes pure white space. A gray slingback, simple illustration curtains and chiffon are sitting on the side. Here, the bright mustard cabinets and tiles in pastel soils occur and dreamy shades block. frames and stencils finest wind boxes elements around benches and cubbyholes around ornaments. Flora locks and hides at the same time, a breath of fresh air in the light and airy spaces. Take a tour to see.