30 Marvelous Living Room Designs Ideas


The living room is where you can leave through the selected pieces of design, your signature and personality. Sometimes the living room can be used without a TV or other multimedia device, you can receive a more formal way your guests. In the articles of this category you will find examples of interior design for living rooms or dining room, creative interior design ideas to life.

Some say that the living room is the largest room in the house. You stay with your family and discuss everything that had happened during the day! And as in all other cases, you need to consistently reinvent your personality, it feels like a part of your life there every second. When you think about redecorating the living room, you need to be aware of the activities that each family member agrees. For example, if one is passionate about the game console a large TV is a must.

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Having a modern life, we recommend you review items of furniture, specializing in stores that have a wide range of products and ideas to combine different pieces of furniture. One of the most important elements of the decoration is light. During the day’s good to have lots of natural light, use curtains and drapes with pale, neutral colors. At night the atmosphere will be created by the lighting. For example, spotlights or light intensity adjustment systems are best suited to the living room. If you want to watch a movie and do not want the room in total darkness, they are best suited.

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The piece de resistance in the living room is in our opinion the couch. It is the largest and most used in this room. Here, you talk with your family, call your friends, or even fall asleep while watching TV. Its spacious enough to be five or six, manufactured from a wear resistant material and have a color to distinguish it from the rest of the room. In addition, you can take two chairs, sofas evident from the same material and in harmony with it. Now, we go along with inspiring photos that caught our attention and we hope they will be of use when you decide to make a change in your living room.