30 Luxurious Mediterranean Style Bedroom Ideas

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If you are attracted by the wooden furniture where you can see traces of the past, the warm texture, bright colors like blue summer sky, accessories stone, you are attracted to the Mediterranean style. This style can be described as relaxed, comfortable, rustic and attractive to most people. very important role in the Mediterranean-style equipment is terracotta Spanish tile. Another important feature of Mediterranean culture, lifestyle and architecture, are the warm, natural colors. They are represented by the dark blue as the color of the sea, like the brown color of the country and terracotta, even lavender, yellow, rust.
The room is one of the most important parts of the house. It is considered the nest of man sleeping areas. We must admit that when decorating or processing of parts of houses, room is often prioritized or often given more focused attention. The design of the rooms depends on the lifestyle or taste that the owner owns. There are many models to choose from when decorating your rooms, but for now let me tell you all about the Mediterranean-inspired designs.
Mediterranean style is characterized by wooden beams ceiling (true or false), or the already mentioned Spanish tiles at the entrance. Mediterranean interior full of costly mosaics, stone, in various forms, but all still have a modern look. Today, there are cheap replacement for traditional ceramic or stone, it will not cost much to get the same shape, as if using the original materials. The Mediterranean style have rich textures and a lot of material are intimately linked. If you want an attractive and quiet room, try this style. See our collection and get inspired!