30 Fab Examples Of Bedroom Accent Walls Design Ideas

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It’s time to beautify your bedroom. Do you have an amazing idea in your head, but do not know how to tie all the elements together? Looking for inspiration? Whatever your motivations. Want something to make your room impressive. This is wooden slats come in. This versatile design element can be used in any room, for all styles. Here, the slats are a dark contrast to the rest of the light colors of the room. A flange acts as a shelf for a network of ornaments. What catches the eye, however, is the clock with the interesting part. Like this piece? Want to see more? Out!

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The designer used more widely spaced slats to complement the white wall. Wood panels create a decorative headboard make it more attractive design. This distinctive style makes the a part of the ceiling of the accent wall. By selecting a color that is just slightly darker than the wall color and by not taking all of the wall, the strips are a stylish feature. The light gray pillows and lights are a nice touch of color.

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Sometimes you can work with what you have. In this room, the wall is slightly curved, so that the designer has chosen to highlight this by partially covering the wall with dark wooden slats, and let the wood panels lead the eye to the gentle curve Wall. When ability is unleashed, these straightforward objects ar remodeled into one thing actually exceptional. Do not believe us? We have 30 examples that prove our point, and help you make your room a wonderful expression of your personal taste.