30 Extraordinary Traditional Style Bathroom Designs Ideas

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Traditional style bathrooms are traditional in design, feel more like an oasis soothing spa with an aesthetic of elegant colors and super luxury touches. traditional bathroom designs usually take their cue from what is currently trend in the world of design with materials and decoration which are respectively of their historical periods, such as Victorian, Colonial or Georgian. These styles are timeless, sleek, cool and classic, creating a beautiful aesthetic that you will enjoy for years to come.

The surfaces in a traditional style bathroom are part of the aesthetic get right. Counter generally include either natural or faux-natural materials, such as granite, cast stone or even slate. The selection of wall and floor tiles RANGE, a more historical vintage look, with penny subway and hexagonal tiles being the most sought choice. You can mix and match times, but seem too visually cluttered, its best to stick with decorative touches two adjacent periods, creating a more subtle look, but visually appealing.

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As for furnishing your traditional style bathroom, take advantage of more natural materials for inspiration. upscale wood is generally used for base cabinets, benches or even chairs. If you go with a more colonial style, which is usually found in homes in the northeastern United States, and the common wood selections would be the cherry, oak and maple.

We now turn to traditional bathroom sinks, which are usually made of materials with historical lineage, such as stone or porcelain. The types most commonly used sinks are pedestal, console and pelvis. If you choose to put a tub in your bathroom, freestanding, integrated and of course the classic porcelain claw foot tub is always a popular choice; you can also find these classic tubs in a variety of materials to mimic the look of porcelain such as cast iron or acrylic. You can also create a paneled bath like the one in the image above, or take a look at some catchy metal vessels from bronze to copper.

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Metals can be an integral part of keeping traditional aesthetics that you are trying to achieve in your bathroom design. They are an excellent choice looking for your fixtures, faucets, drawer hardware and even the lining around your mirrors have a look at the image above for reference! You can also use wood trim around your mirrors, also in line with the traditional aesthetic design. Metal current selections are rubbed bronze oil, iron and copper, bringing a touch of beauty and historical authenticity to your design.

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The final advice we can leave you with room for your traditional-style design suite is regarding your selection of linen and accessories. Keep clean and simple, you might consider monograms for your towels and bath mats, select crisp shower curtain (unless you opt for glass) and single window shades. Choose different shades of color selections for common accessories and overall design scheme, like white, traditional brown and red, blue and green.