30 Delightful Blue Kitchens Design Ideas

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Baby blue, sky blue, gray-blue, royal blue, peacock blue, bright blue, all the way to the water and teal. We left no undiscovered blue shadow in this race to the bottom massive fresh blue kitchen designs and kitchen decoration dinner. Sitting halfway between blue and green spectrum, kitchen decor teal seems rich when put in wood and glossy black cabinets. Chrome globe hanging lamps stand out against the dense background color. A plate Fornasetti decorates a crude teal end wall. Teal bar stool legs give the system a perfect finishing touch and unusual.

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copper kitchen bar stools are bang on trend for metallic and work perfectly with the tone of warm wood of the breakfast bar. A unique industrial style lighting installation fills the ceiling space with tones corresponding copper. blue cabinets were accessorized with tan strap handles, supplemented by a backsplash geometric pattern. A wave of aqua blue on a wall in the kitchen, or kitchen adjacent wall, bring a feeling of freshness and a burst of energy. This aqua system comes with touches of yellow sun for extra joy.

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patterns wood grain, the doors of these cabinets of mid-blue kitchen. A dining table in natural pine faces a central kitchen island that was covered with black tiles. table in the dining chairs do not match for an eclectic look. We even make a trip to the bottom of the deep blue sea (do not worry, we have not gone crazy and put the head in a diving suit, all will be revealed later …) Find inspiration on adding blue accents in the form of kitchen bar stools, lighting, tiling, painting, illustrations and more – over how the contrast, or the calm and balance lighter shades with monochrome additions simple and natural soothing.