30 Delightful 4 Poster Beds Ideas


Originally for the royal family, four poster beds are a royal quality that is reflected in many cultures. Draped with a luxurious velvety bed equipment, they can carry a princess. In the islands, curtains traditional white linen on glossy silk streaks, nestled carved poles of a four-poster bed. Supported a little higher, this shows four black has an impact dressed in simple bedding. The use of gray is a point of difference for this beauty of charcoal. The bed frame is separated based on the main structure, which allows to join and headboards part to create a larger look.

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A senior geometric hangs Chinese lanterns and a smaller, bed cloth. The use of distressed materials adds an industrial feel, exacerbated the steel hovering lights peek through the sides of the frame. Scandinavian room fits this structure queen four poster. Its simple lines found with a white fan, exposed brick wall and table lamps.

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A black iron frame has a dramatic impact on a white wall. A Home MRD reads “cubic” is under the climbing ferns and a soft pink cushion. bedsides Normann Copenhagen “Tablo” and “M” printed Playtype finish the look. Our list of 30 beds that go beyond the brief in creating spaces for Dreamtime can help your visualizations coming true. Take a look at our list of choices below inspiring.