30 Clever Outdoor Shower Design Ideas


Remember the Seychelles, where the cobbled paths leading to a shower lined with trees? Or here in the Philippines, where the presenter showed a bath, a lotus pool and sink covered in lush forest? Create a cleaning haven of your own with these fifty shower areas outdoors for inspiration. Take a rainforest shower polished wooden decking, watering flower beds at the same time. Wedge your wooden waterfall between two rock slabs. This shower Kayumanis Private Villa & Spa in Ubud, Indonesia, surrounds your shower time with a floor pebble stone, wooden platform and array of ferns and succulents.

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Get this spiritual feeling during your cleanse in the morning. Villa Belong Dua Bali has walls covered with ivy, a stone base and the platform and a mystical tree sprouting from his bathroom. A stone Buddha statue adds a final accent. Trip to Banyan Tree Seychelles, experience shower that resembles a trebuchet. Springing from a wooden pipe on a triangular tower, this shower water plants, tiles, and you.

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Experience a sanctuary all your Villa Des Indes Bali. Complex, traditional models engrave the soap and shampoo; a draping ferns crowd and dancer of Buddhist courtyard add a touch of mysticism. In an environment that encourages the growth of moss, garden statues quickly develop a beautiful green patina. Sipping a glass of wine in a chair before washing, looking at the noise of the fire and heat the area next to you. Look out the window to where you dip, with room for outdoor baths. Be inspired while you wash with these fifty opulent, outdoor shower areas.

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