30 Casual Living Room Interior Design Ideas


The formal living room is known as a place that often exhibits the property of the owner. The décor is often symmetrical, the curtains are made of luxurious fabrics, there are tasteful decorative items while following the traditional rules of decoration.

If you want to create a formal living room in your home, make sure you know the basics of the design of this room. This is the basic information on what furniture to use and the type of fabric that will match these parts. It is also important to know the decoration pieces given to complete the space.

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The following factors can help you decorate your living room to match your taste, style and preferences. Formal but enjoyable. It is not because a given room is formal, which must be sober. Make sure the room has comfortable furniture. Another important tip to make it more user friendly room is to use combinations of bright colors. Bright colors such as blue, red and khaki can.

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Highlight the positives. Make sure the decor and furnishings are highlighted with care. For example, a chimney should be the main part of the wall, it must be complemented by furniture or curtains more discreet. Fill colors. Colors are something very important.

They should be keen to accentuate the largest furniture. To make it more interesting and original room, try to combine colors to achieve a convincing effect. In this room, there is generally no TV because it’s just a place to welcome visitors and talk. It is not the kind of room ideal for those who have children at home after the entire organization would be maintained only.