30 Best Craftsman Bathroom Design Ideas

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The owner of this neighborhood Drake-1920 Craftsman home in Des Moines came to ask us a remodeling of the master bedroom to enlarge the room and adding a master bathroom. Also on his wish was an extension of the kitchen, including the creation of a small seating area seat, adding a small living room adjoining the kitchen. But we are only beginning! She also wanted to move the machine on the main floor of the house, add a small mudroom, and last but not least, she Considered enjoying greater platform around its swimming pool.
Custom American Artisan Buckhead Bathroom Remodeling. American craftsman high renovations remodeling general contractor companies specialized atlanta kitchens cabinets basements especially every bathroom project related things too big for small. Bathroom vanities style Craftsman compare prices. Artisan style bathroom of the results of the advances sea gull lighting as art bronze weared crafts. Here are the best pictures photo collection craftsman bathrooms in high resolution.
Bathroom style Artisan models have rich custom wood vanities, stone handcrafted or wood, beautiful tiles and elegant lighting. You may be familiar view outside beautiful houses of craftsman style. However, the interior can be just as fascinating with details of warm wood, custom cabinetry and decoration. Take a look at these artisan bathrooms and use these interior design ideas for creating your own beautiful space. The craftsman bathroom in the image above is a combination of different textures and patterns. uses concrete floors instead of ceramic tiles or stone, gray bricks on the wall and vintage glass partition with a tree design. The bathroom also has a free vanity with solid teak base and stainless steel freestanding bath with a brushed bronze finish, giving it a unique texture.