30 Beautiful Living Room Shelves Design Ideas

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Floating shelves have great visual appeal. Floating shelves are constructed so that, unlike the support shelves, their commitment can not be seen. They seem to just float against the wall. This is a good option if you have lots of blank wall space, and can use a way to create visual interest on them. They can be a little more involved as far as the installation of a support system, but not by much. They also have a lot of styles, colors and materials.

Display your most decorations price or even just a few pounds could mean that you actually put shelves on your walls – of course, you can opt for a case of book or something to do, but for convenience, you can also add a floating shelf! From the name itself, you know this is something you can easily do yourself.

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You can choose interesting shelves raw wood, if you like the rustic atmosphere and if your living room, but if your living room furniture is more modern touch, choose a shelf in matt white or black. The metal is also more important in the production of all types of shelving television. In any form, it can support the heavy weight, is easy to form in unusual shapes, and supports almost all ideas and all designs. These are the most frequently used to design shelves of television material, but you can always enrich with details and interesting decorations. The choice of shapes is unlimited, so that they can be round, oval, angular, and may also be mounted (mounted on the wall) at the desired height. These tablets are often multifunctional, they can even represent a smaller partition or even have more storage elements, where you will store some things in place or ornaments, books and decorations!

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Fixed supporting shelves, shelving or suspension fixed to the wall with visible individual hooks which can be wood, metal or plastic. These tablets are generally simple to install and work well done. They can be moved or changed with a little work when you feel you need a change. These tablets can work anywhere you have a free wall space, and come in a wide variety of styles and materials. With a little research, you can certainly find a model that perfectly suit your needs.