30 Beautiful Bathroom Attic Design Ideas

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Regarding the value of your home, the area is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why a growing number of owners are reclaiming their attics, usually used for storage, as functional livings spaces such as bedrooms or family rooms. In fact, there are many smart ways that you can incorporate a shower, bath or sink and vanity put in a floor plan with a sloped ceiling. To fuel your creativity, here are these beautiful rooms in the attic bathroom.
The bathrooms in this collection are designed an elegant and contemporary look. You’ll find some adorned bathrooms, although you can find more ornamental details, such as claw-foot bathtub or a watermark mirror above the vanity. Read the small details, like a faucet, plumbing of the tub or small accents like candles, a rose or a decorative towel. Each space in an attic can be leveraged, if the roof is tilted or short, or even if your room is narrow.
An attic is certainly not the easiest area of   a house in the design, in particular because of the odd shape of the roof, lower ceilings, and a global space much closer to work with. This does not mean that it is impossible, though! In fact, a bathroom perhaps needs your attic (especially if you lack one on one of the main level of your home). If you are lucky, you may really be able to pull the roof design and ceiling party to showcase your shower or bath. Here are some inspiring ideas to help you think about it!