30 Bathroom Pendant Lighting Design Ideas

Pendants are a popular choice for lighting bathroom and are mainly used as decorative elements to add a touch of glam to space. Just keep in mind that there are some things to consider when choosing your pendant light bathroom. According to the introduction of a pendant in the bathroom, you may need to use an IP rated luminaire or convert low voltage light. It is best to consult your electrician or our friendly team to ensure you choose the right and the safest equipment for the space.
Bathrooms are not the first room that comes to mind as a good place for hanging lamps as the main light on the ceiling, but as you’ll see, they can be a good option for some light dining styles bathroom. Generally, the bathroom ceiling needs to be big enough. Otherwise, the two main sites they find are above the vanity and above a bath, generally a freestanding bathtub.
In this gallery lighting suspended bathroom you will find a variety of styles to give you ideas for designing your own home. hanging lamps are a great alternative to regular lighting and can add a lot of style and function to your bathroom space.
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