30 Awesome Living Room Wall Ideas

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There are many benefits for drywall. It holds paint and wallpaper, so it can be decorated with almost any design, color, or you finish like. It is also easy to fix if it takes damage. With very little effort, a hole in drywall can be patched, painted and forgotten. Drywall is also very easy to change. A new paint job is a task that is very simple and can be accomplished by most people DIY novices.

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Secondly, drywall is likely to be damaged. It is quite easy to drill a hole in a straight drywall. It can be easy to fix, but if you’re not careful you may have to repair often. Drywall is not particularly impressive itself. If you want interesting textures and appeal, it may be for you to get creative with the drywall, or go to another option.

If you are looking for a rough finish and texture to your walls in the living room, the most popular option is exposed brick. Usually red or brown brick appearance is a rich and timeless which corresponds to a large number of styles and designs. It is not style, and is durable; rough finish gives the character blocks.

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Concrete is ideal for a bare bones, minimalist design. It is durable and long lasting, and also very cheap. It lacks all the impression and expression, it can really let your other design choices speak. concrete wall is not very hot. It does not create the warm atmosphere that other materials can. It is a utilitarian design; the concrete wall is designed to be the wall, nothing more.