30 Awesome Blue Bedrooms Design Ideas

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Security and calm Meaning, blue is the favorite color of everyone. Unconfrontational always so sweet, it recalls the undulating sea, beach holidays and calm of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Many blue combine to make this room together. Led by a gray oil summary, the walls of the middle blue combine with turquoise and turquoise floor cushions for deep sea exploration. Pops show white, gray and purple themselves in an office, bedding and carpet, giving a room of intense colors from room to breathe.

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Feel like a princess in a blue and green room. A chiffon canopy overlays this French-headboarded bed, while a green frog tape strip on top. simple white room tables and a slightly embroidered bedspread add to the feeling of serenity. A tropical pillow summit brings together. Building a blue and yellow room that is devilishly serene. Teal light of these walls Boudoir cover, door frames and corridors, while light wood floors reminiscent of a beach house. White and a potted plant provide light, like an office chair acts as an eye-catching feature.

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Ditch blues sea for a royal color. The powder blue wall in this modern couple space works well with almost charcoal duvet and printing spiral several tones. Models in the vanity chair and carpets add points of interest, while large sections of white make blue does not dominate. These 30 rooms use blue to create spaces that infuse the peace and quiet in your downtime. Whether you are in the clear turquoise color, royal or pastel baby blues; color your bedroom all blue or just paint a lintel; you’ll notice the sense of calm hue brings inside. Take a look through our collection of beautiful blue rooms, to see how the pieces in this lighter shade might work in your space next to bed.