30 Awe-Inspiring Small Living Rooms Design Ideas


If your living room is small, there are many tips you can put into practice so that it looks just as amazing, with modern decor and avant-garde. Let’s see these ideas and take the one you like best as inspiration.

For small spaces in general, some people see that their negative side, but in reality it has many advantages. The first is that less space equals less time spent cleaning, less space means more creativity. Since you are forced to think about great ideas to make your small room look amazing no matter its size.

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Once we have learned that the secret is in the light, neutral colors, plus a good natural lighting, it’s time to give importance to the movement, and if you ask how you can achieve this, simple, with items that you add to the room. to be.

The idea is that when the choice of furniture, they are comfortable, versatile, with shapes and also they perfectly into the space so that it does not seem too tight. In this room, we see that the coffee table has a pretty traditional square shape, but its design plays a little and we get the final result. The lamp is large and striking and authentic form gives some movement to the design of the set, do not forget decorative branches in vases, that beyond being a decoration, complement the style all.

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Tiny Furniture is not a must, but there is no need to fill the space with a giant sofa or table. Try to resist the temptation to fill the space when you do not need. This will just make you and your guests feel like you evicted. Design elements such as shelves, storage space, accent lighting and a solid color system also go a long way to making a small space seem larger. These 30 small living ideas will give you new ideas the next time you feel your own space needs an upgrade.