30 Astounding Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas


There are different styles that can be used when designing or renovating a luxurious bathroom. But before choosing materials, colors and finishes, we must also consider the functionality. The aesthetics and practice must be combined since, so beautiful it is, if it is uncomfortable in use, it must be reformed in a short time.

We begin by choosing the position and the type of furniture and sanitary. Do we want a bath or shower? Do we need to reserve a space for bidet or can we do without this piece? Where do we place the storage on a cabinet under the sink or on a shelf on the wall? To answer these questions you have to watch where the water inlets and drains are located and avoid greater works.

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Before taking hasty decisions, we must consider what colors we want are the dominant colors. And it is that change the style usually involves making reform. To facilitate the choice of colors, we can think of two different variants; firstly, the background colors that we will maintain long-term and, secondly, color note that we can include in decorative items and household and can be replaced more often. If the space is small, it is recommended to use light colors, as whites and creams create the sensation of amplitude as it happens if it lacks sufficient information. If we seek to create an elegant, dark tones combined with light colors are a perfect choice. Once the color palette is chosen, finish what do we want? The brightest tend to be associated with luxury as buddies tend to be more sophisticated and discreet. They can be combined to create an interesting game with the textures of materials.