30 Amazing Formal Living Room Design Ideas


The formal living room is not quite the style that we can say that it is “on trend”, but it is part of that select group who never goes out of style because it was his “faithful.” Another factor that makes the formal living room is almost disappear size. The new apartments are smaller every day and use a room for a special place to host visitors, away from technology that diverts attention from the good conversation, really, was not considered a priority.

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However, for those who would like a formal living room and the space available, but are not even sure where to start, below you will see tips on how to decorate this beautiful piece. Whether the structure, furniture or objects, we get to set the tone for a formal living room.

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Another solution is to put framed as if it were a frame and leave a still image of a drawing or a figure like if its usefulness, not that look. Obviously, with the exception of the presence of the one family, the TV in the living room should not be a view or work as such when you receive a visit if your goal is to have a single room.

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Grandmothers used artificial plants in the formal living room, but today it is not appropriate to do the same. Unable to have a plant of truth, prefer to place objects that refer to something related to nature. Below you will find a large gallery for designing formal living room. You can bookmark this page and if you wish to share with you friends!