25 Women Modern Coats Outfits For Winter


Maxi coats or long coats are currently trending, and I think that life can’t get any better! Why? Because long coats are the best thing to keep you warm an comfy during the cold winter days. Long coats will totally embrace you, and will surely keep you warm, comfy, and toasty. For that, I’ll share with you 25 women outfit ideas to wear modern coats in a stylish way this winter.

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Whether it’s grey, camel or black, a long coat is such a great piece to invest it, because a high quality one would last you for years and years to come. Additionally, you’ll use long coats to style different winter outfits. For example, you’ll wear them over your favorite denim jacket and sweater, and also with a sweatshirt and leather jacket. Oh yeah, long coats are essential for winter layering.

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While a couple of coats are on trend immediately , from the coveted cape (thank you, Celine) to quilted coats and vibrant outerwear, there are three silhouettes standing out among the fashion crowd. That’s right: It’s easy as 1-2-3. Confirmed by from a number of the foremost fashionable ladies, including fashion editors, fashion directors, creative directors, and artistic brand managers, these coat silhouettes are dominating this season.

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