20 Remarkable Bathroom Floor Plans Ideas

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Current design trends reflect modern bathrooms that are more like pensions, an escape from the daily routine of busy lives and stressful careers. Most are designed with luxury touches such as bath tubs, steam showers, integrated TVs with surround sound. decadent materials adds to the aesthetics of the stylish set, which includes rich wood textures and layers of ocher stones.

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If you can design your own dream bathroom, you may want to include a way to incorporate nature into your environment. This could be visually or literally, by the use of glass walls and sliding panels. You could surround yourself with lush gardens by placing a bath on a bridge, or opposite doors bi-fold glass. There is nothing more soothing than to admire nature while enjoying a hot bath … zen. Images and sounds of nature and cool breezes will not only help to relieve stress, but will give you a holiday feeling.

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An oasis was created in a suburb of the inland city of Australia, where the owners selected the rear wall of the terrace with mature bamboo gave privacy. It also provides a lush green wall, natural. Look below these 20 bright bathrooms that are designed to showcase the lush gardens and encourage you to invite nature into your own master bathroom!