20 Minimalist And Cool Balcony Decoration Ideas


Often ignored, but in fact, has a fairly important role in residential comfort. These words are enough to describe the role of the apartment balcony. This area is often forgotten, in fact, many also make this area a place for sunbathing clothes. Actually it is unfortunate if the balcony design is only for sunbathing clothes. Certainly, it would be more beautiful and interesting if the balcony was decorated with plants and provided chairs as a place to relax.

Before discussing further the minimalist balcony design, it helps you know the meaning of the balcony. The general definition of a balcony is a foyer or small space that is located in a type of multi-story building but located in an outdoor area. This area aims to connect the residential area to the outside area on the upper floor.

For many folks , the balcony in our apartment is simply the place where we store our bike or hang up our washing. But with a touch ingenuity and diligence , you’ll transform it into your favourite place for chilling out and having fun. We picked 20 of the best designs which could help you create the living space of your dreams in the place where you perhaps least expected it was possible.