20 Amazing Summer House Design Ideas

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Perhaps you’ve got an old, unused summer house in your garden that you would like to revamp? Maybe there’s a space in your garden that would be perfect for a summer house? Or perhaps a friend has just built a summer house, and you’ve realised just how amazing they can be? Whatever the reason for your interest in summer houses, you have come to the right place.

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Over the past few years, summer houses have become insanely popular, with more and more people building them, and it’s not difficult to see why. The fact that summer houses are so versatile are easy to build, and add that little something extra to your home, means that they are something a lot of homeowners dream about building. I spent a happy few hours going through the internet, taking notes of beautiful and different examples. You should too – a bit of this one here, a touch of that one there… Do you find yourself unable to choose between two? Or more? Perhaps the precise house so far lives only in your mind, but show it to us, and we’ll make that dream a reality for you!

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I’ve selected the list below to my favourite 20 summer houses for you to take inspiration from.

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