18 Popular Bathroom Paint Color Ideas


Selecting the right bathroom paint color are often tricky. In a perfect world, you’d find an excellent paint color that oozes spa-like vibes or turns your small bathroom into a high-impact ladies’ room . The good news is that with so many amazing shades to choose from, no matter your wall size or aesthetic, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you. We’re sharing 18 of our favorite bathroom color schemes below; they’ll have you running to the hardware store to pick up a few new cans of paint ASAP!

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When it involves selecting the proper bathroom paint color, there are variety of things to think about that are specific thereto space, particularly if you’re freshening up an especially small bathroom. Will a dark hue make the space feel sophisticated and modern or cramped and cave-like? Will a crisp shade of white look too cold and stark during a room without windows? Because paint colors are often so hard to see , naturally, we turned to the pros to narrow down our swatch selection.

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here’s why my opinion call these the “popular bathroom paint colors.”