17 Making a Perfect Bedroom Ideas

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The perfect bedroom is the one that makes you go “ahhhh“ the second you step into it. It helps you wind down, fall asleep and ideally, stay asleep until dawn. And you’ve got to admit, no one makes it easier (or more affordable) to create a bedroom that does just that better than IKEA. So it’s no surprise that we turn to them for bedroom inspiration when we need it.

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Creating spaces for the family to enjoy and areas for your guests to gather seem to take precedence when it comes to decorating our homes. And yet nothing is more important than our own personal spaces. I’m talking bedrooms. Our bedroom is where we shake the planet .

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It is where we shut out all the worry, stress, noise and challenges of our busy, hectic lives. We need our bedrooms to provide a literal and figurative retreat, an oasis where we recharge and refuel our minds, bodies and souls. There really is no space more important. Creating a place where you feel happy and even a little spoiled is essential. I recently restyled not one, not two, but three bedrooms in my home, and I’m so excited to share them with you in hopes of inspiring you to create your own bedroom retreat.