15 Ways To Make Your Room Comfy


I love my bed. It’s pretty much my favorite place in the world, and I would never leave it if that were in any way socially acceptable. Why? Because my bed is so cozy and wonderful. It has just the right amount of pillows– enough to make you feel cocooned without feeling smothered. (Side Note: I had to look up how to spell the word cocooned. I don’t think I’ve ever needed to type it before in my whole life.)

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Waking up in a comfortable bedroom can set the tone for your whole day. If your room has an atmosphere that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed, it can have a major impact on your daily life and help you get the sleep your body needs. However, some people might think their room is just not right, something is missing or it’s not “cozy” enough. Although dorm rooms and even apartment bedrooms are often small and stuffy, there are always fun and cute ways to form your sanctuary “cozy”.

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So in order to help you out, we’ve given you a little bedroom inspo and how to recreate the looks! Below are 15 ways to make your room comfy, enjoy!

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