15 Inspirastion Lightning Decoration Bedroom


Like any other room, a bedroom needs lighting. You want to supply enough light for dressing, while at an equivalent time, keeping the tone warm and relaxing. Recessed lighting controlled by a dimmer gives you the power to dial up the sunshine while preparing on a cloudy morning, or dial it down for your bedtime routine.

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Many designers recommend incorporating several lights of a lower wattage as opposed to one or two bright fixtures. For added flexibility, place your ambient lighting on dimmer switches that you can adjust based on your mood and activities. Softer bulbs also can keep your bedroom light from being unpleasant or glaring.

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Layer your overhead lighting with table lamps on your nightstands for bedtime reading, or install hanging lights or wall lights with swing arms over the tables to free up space for books. Do you have artwork or photographs on one wall of your bedroom? You might consider accent lighting here. Don’t forget reading nooks, dressing areas, master bathrooms and closets. These areas should be part of your overall lighting plan, not afterthoughts.

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