15 Colorful Living Room Design Ideas


Decorating with color can be a scary thing. Should you go light or bright? Should you mix or should you match? Should you go all out or be conservative? There are so many questions and an endless number of answers. But the reality is that if you follow your instincts decorating with color isn’t that scary. And when it involves colorful living rooms, there is no shortage of design inspiration.

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Many of the fashionable front room designs and decoration of furniture is more about promoting the important people interaction rather than creating a design that revolves round the one central piece, a TV. The design in the picture is a prime example of such designs where the chairs and sofas are placed around the coffee table in a way that people can interact with each other. The use of vibrant and bold colors like red makes sure to keep the place alive and more energetic.

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On the opposite hand, the utilization of bold colors like red or orange needs a balance. The front room design in picture uses the white pieces of furniture sort of a cocktail table , white fire place and white lamp to balance the boldness of fiery red. The use of sunshine colors together of some bold shades is employed in modern design to tame the bold impression down and make it pleasant to the eyes. The combination of red, white and reminder grey creates a really aesthetic look of a vibrant front room that promotes real people interaction and life rather than sitting around a TV in more relaxing environment.

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